Animals of Lapham Peak Prairies

Several animals live in or rely on the Lapham Peak prairie for their homes or for food. Mice, meadow voles and thirteen striped ground squirrels all use the prairie to build their burrows. Weasels will nest in other animals' abandoned burrows or in debris piles.

Bluebirds prefer open grasslands to find insects and to have a good vantage point to see around them.

Hawks, such as the red-tailed hawks, kestrels and other raptors, like owls, hunt for prey such in open grassland prairies. In addition to rodents, raptors may hunt for snakes such as the Butler’s Garter and the Plains Garter.

Deer and wild turkeys are often seen passing through and stopping to nibble on prairie plants and insects.

Overhead you may see a turkey vulture scanning the prairie for decaying material of which to make a meal.