Insects of Lapham Peak Prairies

Over 400 species of insects call grassland prairies home. Some of the frequent visitors that can be easily spotted at Lapham Peak include native bees, dragonflies, grasshoppers, katydids, praying mantis, crickets and a variety of lepidoptera including monarch butterflies, swallowtail butterflies and skippers. In some cases, insects require a specific plant on which to feed or as a place to lay their eggs because their larvae require that plant to feed on. Monarchs are dependent on milkweed to lay their eggs. Swallowtails are attracted to joe pye weed. Karner blue butterflies (yet to be seen in Lapham) require wild lupine for their larvae to survive.

Arachnids also make prairies their homes. In late summer you might observe an orb weaver called the black and yellow garden spider.