Kettles and Moraines (Map Marker E27)

Look up and to the west for a view of the tower. At your feet a variety of woodland plants can be spotted. In the spring, pink wild geraniums, white trillium, shooting stars and mayapples. Several kinds of ferns are green and plentiful. As summer comes the flowers change to columbine, daisy fleabane, indian pipeweed, and violets. 

You are surrounded by a variety of hardwood trees. White, red and burr oaks are mixed with red and sugar maples, shagbark hickory, black cherry and elm among others. 

In early spring, it is easy to see the kettles and moraines for which this state forest is named.

In the winter, these are cross country ski trails that are kept groomed thanks to the Friends of Lapham Peak in conjunction with the DNR.