Animals of Lapham Peak Woodlands

As you look to the east (in the direction of the butterfly garden) you will find a pine woods. This pine woods was planted by people many years ago. These coniferous trees are not native to this area. However, they still provide homes for many woodland creatures. Woodland animals make their homes in a variety of places such as burrows, in hollow trees and in the branches of trees.

If you stand still, watch and listen, you might hear or see a red squirrel, a bird, or a chipmunk. Some animals like grey squirrels, deer or turkeys may be passing through or enjoying a meal of nuts, plants or insects.

The building to the southwest of you is the Hausmann Nature Center. It is open several weekends in the spring, summer and fall months. Head up the path to see the amazing collection and informational displays inside.

Butler's Garter Snake