Map Marker E28

Head down the hill (and come back up the other side to the left (east) imagine you’re the glacier that made this amazing hill. As you look from side to side watch for woodpeckers and other birds. Deer, chipmunks, squirrels all make their homes in this area. A variety of oaks red, white and burr and other hardwoods, shagbark hickory, maple and cherry can be found in this area of the park.

Volunteers fight a never ending battle against invasives like buckthorn. You can join the Buckthorn Busters by visiting the Friends of Lapham Peak website.

To the west, you may be able to see the Tower depending on the time of year but follow the grass path and you’ll find it at the highest point in Waukesha County. Head on over to learn more about the history of the tower and our park’s namesake, Increase Lapham, a man credited with starting the National Weather Service.

Head north and continue on the trail that leads through a beautiful display of kettles and moraines on your way to the Butterfly Garden, the Plantation Path and Homestead Hollow, several lovely spots for picnicking.