Prairie Burning and habitat restoration

The beautiful prairies of Lapham Peak on both the east and west side of Hwy C are the result of many years of volunteer efforts at invasive species eradication and the reestablishment of native plants, trees and wildflowers. Thus, restoring the area to a more native state which allows animals and insects to thrive. The Friends of Lapham Peak Habitat volunteers spend countless hours throughout the year removing invasives from woodlands such as buckthorn and honeysuckle as well as the removal of garlic mustard, crown vetch, ox-eye daisies, queen anne’s lace and a variety of others. 

We utilize prescribed burns in the spring and fall with the help of contractors, paid for with donations, and numerous certified volunteers. These burns mimic the historical burns set by Native Americans and occasionally by lightning. Burning dead plant material, grasses and shrubs weakens or eliminates invasives. The blackened soil that remains quickly heats up allowing native seeds to sprout. The nutrient rich ash helps to feed these deep rooted prairie plants.

Visit our Habitat page to learn more, to volunteer and to donate to help continue our efforts.